Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Eating and Cleaning

Through our years of RVing, we have owned a number of small gas grills. I don't know how many. I do know we always bought the cheapest we could find at the local big box store. None of them were great and the most recent was truly a pain. John had trouble with hot spots and flare-ups. No matter how low he turned the heat, any drip of grease caused a flare-up and charred our food.

We finally broke down and bought a better grill. The Montana Owners Club web forum surveyed readers about the grill they liked and the Weber Q won, hands down. Saturday we bit the bullet and spent $150 instead of $25 for a grill. Sunday, John used it to cook our rib-eye steaks and was delighted with the good job it did. He was so impressed, that yesterday we cooked some hamburgers and brats. Again, a good job.

In addition to properly cooked food, I appreciate it because there is a drip pan below the grill that will be easy to empty. The cheap ones held the fat in the bottom and were awful to clean (my job).

This has been the good news. But not everything is fun and games. For 5 months, we were traveling. I did only the minimum necessary cleaning inside the RV to keep it half-way decent. I don't like to clean house and the fun of traveling is a good excuse to do as little as possible. But now we are parked, not traveling, not volunteering, no obligations. It is time to do our spring and fall house cleaning. This week, I have mopped, dusted, polished, shined. And it really looks good inside.

As soon as the temperatures get down into 70s or low 80s, we will work on the outside.


  1. You are going to love the Weber. They are good cooking! Road Warrior's offer them as an option now.

  2. PS~I cooked bacon on mine this morning. Worked great!

  3. Thanks for the tip. We too have bought cheap grills and been disappointed. I googled this. I assume it's the Weber Q 100?