Monday, October 15, 2012


Almost every weekend through the fall-winter-spring, there are festivals throughout the Phoenix area. Last weekend, we could choose between the Greek Festival, the Fall Olive Harvest Festival, or Oktoberfest. We went for beer and brats next to Tempe Town Lake.

We saw all sorts of different hats and clothing.

And good food, including these butterfly fries.

We came for the beer, but first we had to have our IDs checked so we could get a wrist band to prove we are old enough to drink beer. Can't they just look at our gray hair and wrinkled skin? Or should we be pleased they question if we are really over 21?

We did enjoy the beer and brats with sauerkraut.

But we couldn't talk as we ate because the nearby band, J. Powers, was playing very loud country, rock and motown music.

There is an area with water features that attracted the young. We had a good time watching the little ones.

I think one purpose of Oktoberfest is to raise money for the Tempe Sister Cities program. A group of musicians and dancers from one of those cities was performing and we really enjoyed watching and listening. Unfortunately, we weren't there when they were introduced, so I'm not sure where they are from. Checking on the internet, I think they must be from Cuenca, Ecuador, based on their clothing which looks South American. Tempe has 8 sister cities from all around the world.

This is part of the band.

And some of the dancers, performing a market day dance.

At the end of the dance, the women each chose a man from the audience to join them on the dance floor. One of them chose John, and he looks like he was having a good time. (That isn't what he said about it, afterwards, however.)

I have no idea where this group of folks is from, maybe Mali or New Zealand? Those are the location of two other sister cities.

This sign has some German that I could read without the English translation. There isn't much I remember from my two years of college German.


  1. I didn't know that John had dancing feet! He's a good sport. I know that involuntary volunteering can be pretty awkward.

  2. It seem like you had a lovely time. I would not associate Arizona with October fest. I must travel more.

    We have a long standing October fest in Ontario in Kitchener, near where I went to University. It was called Berlin before the First World War. It is still rich in German culture.