Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life in Arizona

We are getting settled into our Arizona life. We were delighted when we learned that long-time friends Dave and Kathy, who we met for lunch when we were in Colorado, were coming to see us here in Arizona. Friday they came for lunch and we showed them around Valle del Oro.

Arizona has the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen. Thursday was one of them. Before the sun went down, we saw huge puffy white clouds to the east.

Then the rich colors showed up to the west.

The Superstition Ranch Market has incredibly inexpensive fruits and vegetables. Thursday, we made our second visit there. Halloween is coming and one of the cashiers was an M and M. Clever.


  1. Superstition Ranch Market is a great store. We look forward to going back to the RGV of Texas where we got such good and cheap produce last winter.

  2. The sunsets through the palms are really pretty!