Friday, February 22, 2019

This Isn't What We Came Here to See

Rain, sleet, snow, temps in the 30s and 40s.  And we're not in Colorado, Minnesota or the northwest.  We are in Arizona!

The rest of the country--with the possible exception of Florida--has bone-chilling cold with snow.  Here, we have had over 2 inches of rain.

The road in front of our house had running water.

This retention pond was really full.

A drainage ditch had running water.

Usually we can walk down the path that is underneath of center of this lake.

The Superstition Mountains had more snow than we have seen in all our winters in the Valley.

This is another walkway--full to the brim with happy ducks floating around.  They may be the only folks here who are happy with the weather.

If this area gets much fuller, the nearby houses will see flooding.

To the left rear of this photo, you can see the shuffle board court.  I hope the pucks float.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Time With Friends, Old and New

We have enjoyed time with lots of friends this week.  Tuesday Kelly and Debbie came by and we shared lunch and lots of conversation.  We hadn't seen them since we moved out of Grand County in 1991.

Saturday morning we joined Bob and Marcia at the pancake breakfast at their resort next door to ours.  We have known them since about 2001 or 2002.

Saturday afternoon we attended a pot luck dinner at our resort with residents from the North Central States.  Everyone at our table was, like us, from Colorado.  It was fun to meet people from our home state and learn more about their lives.

Friday, February 08, 2019

Repairing the Damage

Wait, why can't I see who is outside our window?

Oh, there he is.  We had our house painted this week. Back in October there was a hail storm in Gold Canyon and our Airstream, our truck and the house were all damaged by the golf ball sized hail stones.  The truck has been repaired, the Airstream is at a dealer's collision repair facility in Tucson and now the house has been repaired.

Most of the damage was to the paint, with some to the stucco, itself. Some was to the decorative beams.  The roof was also damaged.  That has not been repaired, yet.

The preparation to paint began with covering the windows and other parts of the house that were not being painted.  They taped down plastic to keep the concrete protected, as well.

After spraying the dark trip on the beams and doors on the front side of the building.  Then they covered the stone work and newly painted trim pieces, including the front door.

We stayed inside and heard the sprayer operating.  When they started removing the plastic and paper masking, we went out to look.

Now everything looks good again!  Thanks, Hector and Sons painting.

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Hiking Silly

That doesn't mean we were silly. It means we hiked Sill Mountain. It is a silly name but the mountain is a little bitty thing just off the north side of US Highway 60 not far from our place. We met Barbara there for a hike up and around part of the silly little mountain. The parking lot there is always full of cars because the trails are so close to many people and the hikes fairly short.

After hiking for about an hour and a half, John took this picture of Barbara and me and we decided to drive to Kneaders to meet Ron for lunch.

We had a good day with these friends.  I just wish we had taken another picture once we met Ron.