Saturday, July 30, 2011

More of John's Visit

A place for everything and everything in it's place.
Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
That hits the spot.
Yes, yes, yes, of course, why not. But don't tell your mother. (Thanks to John McCutcheon)

These are the sayings John will probably remember from his stay with us this week. Especially about everything having it's place. Our RV is set up for two people and we find it is imperative to put everything where it belongs so we have room to move around. That is even more important when you add a 6-year-old boy and his bed.

Papa and John went for a second hike on Wednesday. They walked up to Horseshoe Reservoir and looked at the ducks and other water fowl.

Getting to the lake requires crossing a cattle guard--a little bit of a challenge for someone with small feet. Maybe this is why cattle don't cross a cattle guard.

Our Thursday activity was definitely the high point of the week for John. He has seen it as they drove through Walsenburg several times and, finally, he was able to go there. Obviously, such places are familiar territory for John. He walked right in.

Papa and John got a two-person inner tube to go on the water slide.

I didn't go down the water slides, but John and I had fun in the lazy river. He is on a swim team and is a good swimmer.

He loved coming down the slide that didn't use tubes, all by himself.

That afternoon, after we bought ice cream at the park's Visitor Center, John wanted to go to the playground here. Again, we said, "yes, of course". He walked the balance beam.

Showed us his skills on the monkey bars.

And showed us three different ways to use the slide.

He tried out the swings, but didn't find the seats comfortable. (I tried them too, and agree.)

And one last special event--Papa let him drive the truck. (But don't tell your mother.)

We had an absolutely wonderful week, getting to know our grandson better. He is sweet, really laid-back, interested in wildlife and fun to be with. We hope he comes again. But not next week. We are ready to get our routine back for a while!


  1. Got another week at the lake with ours coming up. Having the Grandboy for a camping outing ranks right up there with trains, and flying.Can't think of anything I enjoy more, and water is always a big part of our recreation. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  2. Your grandson is so cute! He sounds like a real joy. My favorite was him hiding behind the grill to watch the wildlife. How precious!

  3. What a terrific water park. John seems to have no end of fun thing to do with the two of you.

    I love the picture of him trying to go up the slide. How I remember always doing that.