Monday, July 25, 2011

A Dear and Deer

Sunday morning, for the first time in several weeks, we had a buck feeding right behind our trailer. I took this photo through the back window, looking out between the sides of the ladder.

Later in the day, after our grandson John arrived, he spotted this buck nearby.

He didn't want the buck to see him, so he hid behind our grill to watch.

John also stalked some lizards in our yard.

And used the binoculars to hunt for other wildlife.

John and Papa built with cards.

And tested to see how strong the building was. Wow.

Today we put John to work.Papa was cleaning out fire pits in the campground.

John did the work, too.

John even pushed the button to dump the ashes out of the dump truck.

Before we went home for lunch, John checked out all the equipment in the maintenance garage. First the tractor.

A mower.

Another mower.

The mule.

He even considered being a park ranger.

After lunch and getting cleaned up, we drove to La Veta for ice cream at Charlie's.

We've had two great days and have three more before John leaves on Friday morning.


  1. Wow!!! How awesome are those buck pictures?!? Beautiful. I live in Silver City, and we have mule deer come through our yard fairly frequently! I'm always excited to catch a glance at 'em!
    Also, you both are wonderful grandparents! He'll remember these times for years to come! My grandpa used to take my brother and I camping in Nira, CA as well as taking us on strange adventures to see petroglyphs and all sorts of things! I hold those memories close, as will your grandson :)

  2. Ah, camping with the Grandson, that's a pleasure money can't buy, We have a lot of deer at the Lake and My Grandson Adam & I are always stopping and watching them. Have fun and be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  3. What an amazing post. Looks like you definitely have a deer there - glad to see he was willing to help with the work, that's good for kids. Those buck photos are wonderful.

  4. Glad you are enjoying the grandson and he is experiencing the outdoors and having a good time.

  5. Ahhh! What a great post! Looks like John is having the time of his life!

  6. John seems like a delightful kid. curious about everything.

    It would have been a delight to see a bear. Black bears are not very aggressive. I see them often around here. When we pick blueberries we sing or hum and talk so we do not surprise a bear trying to eat the berries in the same patch. The bears are not the most dangerous animal in the forest. I give the Moose the prize for being that.

  7. Grand kid,Ice cream and a buck wooow it must be happy times.

  8. Only considered being a ranger... tisk-tisk, there should be no doubt the path to take ;)