Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Cool, cool rain!

After two + months here at Lathrop State Park in Walsenburg, it is finally raining! For hours! For the past two weeks or so, dark clouds have passed by every afternoon or evening. Each day it would sprinkle for a few minutes. It has been in the 90s most days for several weeks.

Finally, today, we had a downpour about 4 pm. That meant our satellite TV didn't work--no Bret Baier on Fox at 4 pm. But we need the rain so bad, we didn't care. This part of Colorado is in a severe drought. But it is now 7:45 pm and it is still gently raining. Yea. Maybe Horseshoe Reservoir will fill up a little. Then the temperature dropped into the 60s by 5 pm. Great! Maybe things will green up a little and our air conditioner will get a break.

I just saw some photos on the web of wild flowers in the northern part of the state. We haven't had any here.

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