Monday, September 15, 2014

What Happens Here

We are spending two weeks at Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora. Since young people are back in school and the summer vacation season is over, what goes on here during the week? We feel very comfortable because most of the campers are around our age and most of them are in fairly large RVs. Only on weekends do we see many small travel trailers, tents and pop-up campers.

This morning I walked down to the swim beach on the 880 acre reservoir that provides water to the city of Denver and for agriculture. I saw a large flock of sea gulls. Don't they know oceans are hundreds of miles away? (Click on the photo to enlarge and see the birds.)

There were 2 old men (about my age) with metal detectors, looking for treasure on the beach and in the shallow water.

And I spotted a cormorant and an egret fishing in the shallow water. (Maybe you can see the egret if you click to enlarge the photo.)

Isn't it wonderful to enjoy places like this when the weather is sunny and warm and the park isn't very busy. Oh, the blessings of being retired and RVing!

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  1. Hi,
    It seems that we will miss each other this year summer we will start from Salida-Colorado Springs-Boulder area so hopefully we will meet then
    Have a great winter