Thursday, September 18, 2014

More Family Time

Sunday afternoon, we were able to spend more time with our son Eric and his family. Eric and John grilled London broil on their grill and we had a leisurely visit. It is always fun to see them in their own home. Everyone, especially our two grandchildren, are more relaxed.

It was a beautiful day and we ate on their patio.

Wednesday, since John was released from jury duty, we met his sister Cindy and her husband John at Cinzzetti's, an Italian restaurant in north Denver. John and Cindy drove down from their home in Fort Collins. We chose that restaurant for it's location, for the excellent food, and because you can sit and talk for as long as you want. At lunch at least, there is no pressure to make the table available for another party.

We had a great visit. Since we only see most of our family once a year when we come to Colorado, these visits are always special. John had to remind me to take a picture just as we were ready to get in our trucks and drive off.

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