Friday, September 12, 2014

At Least We Didn't Have to Shovel

It was only 34 degrees outside this morning when we woke up. Really? It is still summer. They had predicted snow, so we expected to find the ground all white. We were relived to see it was only wet. When we went for our walk, the clouds were hanging low and gray in the sky and we could see a little snow on the foothills in the distance.

We couldn't see our breath, but there was fog coming up off Chatfield Reservoir.

Many of the plants had beautiful droplets of water sparkling on them. Since I only had my cell phone, I couldn't get a picture of that--closeups don't work. But I could see the water drops on this large plant.

We found this small bird, which we think is a lesser nighthawk, hunkered down on the gravel path. Poor thing was cold--and maybe young. It finally flew off as we passed by.

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