Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Grilling and Floating

Eric and his family came to Chatfield for one night of the Labor Day weekend. As soon as they got set up, we went to their campsite and grilled steaks for dinner.

The next morning, we went out on Chatfield Lake on their pontoon boat for breakfast. Eric started up their propane stove/over, which the salesman where they purchased it called the "easy bake oven for men."

We ate pancakes which Kylie had mixed up.

while watching the Canada Geese fly by and passing sail boats.

There were hot air balloons floating around the park. This one was landing on the far shore.

Kylie and John spent some time fishing before we had to return to shore so both families could vacate our campsite by noon. They went home, we just moved to a different site for the next 11 days.

It is so much fun to be near them and spend time with them.

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