Tuesday, September 09, 2014


It's never good to see smoke billowing up, especially when it is coming from near other RVs. That is what we saw a couple of days ago here in Chatfield. We had seen a park ranger drive into the campground with red lights and siren. When we looked that direction, we saw the smoke. Then another park ranger arrived. Finally, John rode his bike down to see if it was an RV on fire.

On closer inspection, it wasn't an RV, it was the trash dumpster.  This is what it looked like the next morning.

The trash inside was fairly well charred.  But that didn't stop people from throwing in more trash.
It was certainly good news that no one's home or vacation trailer had burned.

Several years ago, we spent time in Ridgeway State Park in western Colorado in late summer.  There we discovered Olathe sweet corn, the best corn there is in our estimation.  But we can't go over there every year in August or September.  So we were delighted when we discovered that King Soopers, the local Kroger grocery stores, sell Olathe corn.  We are parked only a few miles from a King Soopers and we have twice been there so we can enjoy this taste of the Western Slope.  John husked the last bunch for me.

Today, on our morning walk, we saw some people training dogs to do water rescues.  We watched them show the dog it should go out to where someone was splashing around, then teach it to swim out to a life jacket and bring it back to shore.  It will be a while before the dog we watched really gets the hang of it, but is was interesting to see how they started the training.

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  1. I wouldn't think dogs would be good enough swimmers to rescue anyone. Isn't the doggy paddle kind of slow?