Monday, September 01, 2014

Seeing Old Friends

Thirty years ago, we moved from Castle Rock, Colorado. John grew up there and we lived there with our two boys for nearly 9 years. We knew lots of people in the community, of course, including people in our bridge group and the congregation of Christ Episcopal Church. Kerry and Linda were part of both groups. We have seen them a couple of times 12 years ago when John was the officiant at their daughter's wedding. But that is all in the 30 years since we left town. So we were delighted to get a call from Kerry, asking if we could come to dinner over the weekend. We are staying in a state park not far from Castle Rock.

We enjoyed our meal on their lovely patio.

And it was so good to catch up on their lives after so many years of not being in touch. We had lots to share about how are children are doing (all of theirs and ours have married and we each have grandchildren), as well as some of our travels and plans for the future.   It was a pleasant visit.

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