Sunday, September 21, 2014

Oh, To Be A Teenager Again

NOT But is was fun during the past week to participate in the preparations for the high school homecoming dance our oldest granddaughter attended last night. We had two sons, no daughters. So last weekend, I enjoyed sewing straps on Kylie's strapless dress. She had to try it on so we would know they were in the right place. She looks so pretty and grown up--until you look at the socks she is wearing.

Yesterday, we went to watch Kylie and two close friends have their hair fixed for the dance. Kylie's cousin Andrea loves doing that work. Here she is doing Caitlin's hair.

Mom Shannon started some of the curling on Emily's hair, then Andrea finished the job.

Kylie's hair was already done when we got to the house.

Here choice of footwear hadn't changed much during the week.

Kylie tried to take a picture of herself in the mirror.

Here are the three girls, ready to go have the pictures taken with other neighborhood high school freshmen.

The girls and their families all live in the same neighborhood and have known each other for years. Here is the whole group from the neighborhood.

We were impressed with how much fun these boys and girls (young men and women?) were having with each other and how well they cooperated with the parents and some grandparents taking the pictures.  They could be silly and serious.

Sometimes there was a mother or two doing the arranging, while younger brothers played in front.

The boys played some football when not posing.  You could hear warnings of (no grass stains) from the parents.

The photographers were very focused.

After all these young people left for dinner before the dance (with parents doing the driving), we we out for pizza with Eric, Liz and John.

We heard today that Kylie had a great time at her first high school dance.  Hopefully, the rest of high school will go as well.

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  1. Funny how the girls look older than the boys. And I see comfortable footwear was very popular.