Friday, June 20, 2014

Thursday we saw this classic car

pulling this small trailer into the campground at Levi Jackson State Park in London, Kentucky.

A couple of hours later, we saw this car

pulling this trailer.

We couldn't ignore what we saw. So we walked the campground until we found them. We learned that the cars are restored antiques, but the trailers are new, built by their owners.

There was another trailer that didn't have an antique car in evidence as a tow vehicle.

We were told there would be more of the same today. Unfortunately, we left the campground before 9 this morning, so we didn't see them. One of the women gave us a small wooden coin-shaped object with the outline of a tear-drop trailer on one side and the words "lil tin purse" on the other. I would guess tear-drop trailers, at least those made of metal, are called lil tin purses. Googling the term, I found a web site that sells items with the teardrop logo and a Facebook page for Lil Tin Purse.


  1. very cool.. a bit small for us but nonetheless a great talking point.