Wednesday, June 18, 2014

On Balance, a Good Decision

Looking back, we made a good decision to come to the DRV rally. We have been looking for the opportunity to have our RV weighed wheel by wheel, so we would know not only if it was an appropriate weight for our truck but also if it was balanced side to side.

Sunday, Howard and Lynda from RVSEF weighed our truck and trailer together. Friday, the truck had been weighed separately. They have scales that are placed under each wheel set. That way, we learn the weight each side of each axle is carrying.

We were delighted to learn we were quite light. In fact, they said we were the lightest Mobile Suites they had weighed. Of course, we also own the shortest model they make. Our trailer is rated at a maximum of 19,000 pounds. Ours came in at 16,700. The truck has a gross combined weight of truck and trailer of 30,500 pounds. Our GCWR is 25,350 pounds. We work very hard at carrying as little weight as we can and we were very glad to see how successful we have been.

At the Friday evening final dinner for the rally, there were numerous door prizes awarded. In fact, everyone there won something. We were among the last people to receive a gift. Others had received a 60 inch TV, chairs, a table lamp and other items we didn't need or want. But we are delighted with our prize--a $100 gift certificate to Home Depot!

After being weighed Sunday, we moved to a different site in the same RV park. Our new neighbors have a 2012 Montana, the make of our two earlier RVs. We talked to them a while and they asked if they could see our Mobile Suites. They were considering replacing their current RV. Since they liked ours, we recommended they check out RVs for Less in nearby Knowville, one of the rally sponsors. They did and they ordered a new DRV suites trailer and told the dealer we had referred them. DRV has a new rewards program for such referrals and we will receive a $200 check because of that purchase!

We also were able to buy discounted Coach Net roadside assistance and tire and wheel insurance through RVs for Less. All in all, coming to the rally was a good deal financially and we found we are not carrying too much weight in our trailer.


  1. Hi. I really enjoyed my brief visit on your site and I’ll be sure to be back for more.
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  2. What is the length of your fifth wheel? I have been enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It is a model 32TK3 which is actually almost 34 feet long. I'm glad you enjoy reading about our travels.

  3. Good news about the weight, at the first opportunity I want to get us weighed, glad you found benefit in the rally.

  4. I'd have to commend you for doing this. The trailer could be running inefficiently if it is too heavy, and some laws restrict heavy vehicles from using certain roads. Getting yours checked up means that you're safe in the mechanical and legal aspect. It also shows how good an owner you guys have become, mentioning that you're into carrying as little weight as possible. Congratulations, and happy driving!

    Jessica Finley @ Champion Trailers

  5. Good job being light as a full time RVer. Now don't buy anything heavy with that gift certificate. .