Monday, May 05, 2014

Birds and Sunsets

We are enjoying our time at Potter's Creek COE in Texas. Each campsite has a picnic table with a roof over it for shade. I think these roofs are popular not only with the campers, but also with the sparrows. From the sounds of things, every one has a sparrow nest in the top of the roof, just like ours. The black area in the photo is the entrance to the nest.

We could hear the babies going "cheep, cheep, cheep." We also see the daddy sparrow, sitting on the roof and talking. Is he telling the babies, "Mom will be here soon with the food"? Or is he saying, "Mom, hurry up. They're hungry."? Surely he isn't saying, "be quiet" is he?

There are also lots of these beautiful barn swallows in the campground.

Absolutely the most interesting bird I have ever seen, is also here. Since the first time I heard of the scissor-tailed flycatcher, I thought it was neat. Two years ago, when we volunteered at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge on the southern border of Texas, I finally saw one. I've seen several here, but didn't have a camera at the time. Just in case you have never seen one, here is a photo from 2012.

The sunsets here are also pretty.

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