Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Small World

On our last day at Cedar Ridge COE Campground on Lake Belton, we spent some time talking to the couple in the 5th-wheel trailer next to ours. Who would guess that we would be next door to another couple that, just like us, had owned a funeral home? Ken grew up in his family's funeral home in Belton and owned it for several years. John grew up in his family's funeral home, then we owned it for nine years. Ken and Karen had experiences much like ours.

We have had lots of small-world type encounters during our years of RV travel, but this has to be the most unusual. After all, how many people own funeral homes and RV?

After six months in one spot, and that spot was in the Arizona desert, we were glad for a change of scenery as we started our summer travels. It seems, however, we have become even more attached to the advantages of full hook-ups. While were we glad to see trees and water our our rear window,

we found that we really missed having a sewer hook-up after two weeks without one in corps of engineers campgrounds. I know, many of you spend weeks, even months, without sewer, and often without electrical or water hook-ups. You don't mind conserving water and storage tank space, then finding a dump station. But we have come to really like all the amenities of home, wherever we park our home. So we are spending four or five days in commercial parks. For one thing, it was good to have a laundromat close by. We hadn't washed clothes for 11 days!

Today, we rode our bikes on the Legacy River Trail in Arlington. It was THE place to be on a sunny Saturday morning, I guess. The paved trail had families walking and biking, individuals jogging and walking, and lots of serious bike riders. We enjoyed our hour-plus ride for 6 or 7 miles through the beautiful forests along the Trinity River.

The river isn't exactly clear and bubbling.


  1. We enjoy the freedom of not having to stay in RV parks, but also enjoy full hook-ups when we have them. I say do whatever makes you happy!

  2. Happy looking bunch of turtles.

  3. Oh, boo-hoo. LOL. But that bike path is right up my alley - paved and shady.

  4. You guys are doing the ultimate RVing ,way to go.
    We will be back in mid June ,this time Missouri-Arkansas ending the trip in October in Colorado Springs.
    Hope our paths will cross one day

  5. the best part of Rving is meeting new people!