Wednesday, May 14, 2014


One of the good things about visiting Texas is the food. Yes, we enjoyed the German food in Fredericksburg, but the focus here is bar-b-Que. And not something cooked on the backyard grill. This is smoked meat. As we drove east into Texas, one stop was in Junction, where we had eaten good BBQ before. Lum's is just a few blocks from the campground we stayed in there. this year, we bought 3.5 pound of sliced, smoked brisket and enjoyed it for days.

When we first did genealogy in Belton, 10 years ago, we asked someone in the county clerk's office where we could find good BBQ. They directed us to a place just a few blocks from the courthouse. We couldn't remember, for sure, where it was, but we sniffed the air and followed our nose to this source of smoke.

It came from the smokers at Miller's Smokehouse.

We aren't sure it is the same place, but probably. And the chopped brisket sandwiches were very good. I had a side of coleslaw with mine; John had pickles and onions on the sandwich and a side of beans. We also had a delicious bar cookie, topped with chocolate chips and coconut, but I didn't take a picture of that.

We'll be in Texas for almost another week. Will we find more of this delicious food?

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  1. there is nothing like good old Texas BBQ! Thanks for sharing