Thursday, November 10, 2011

Welcome Back to Paradise

That was the theme of the free party given yesterday at Valle del Oro for all of the returning snowbirds. They came in cars

and on bikes

and in neat golf carts.

The theme seemed to be the south sea islands.

Or maybe Florida? I thought we were in Arizona.

The music was provided by the Southwest Surfers.

Wherever we are, there are lots of senior citizens out to have fun. Every Saturday night here, there is a dance. Since Nov. 1, all the crafts and other activities have been in full gear. All three men at our table have been doing woodwork; Jane took a stained glass class yesterday, and I have been trying my hand at beading, as well as pottery. Isabel knits and Barbara is still deciding what to learn this year. Even if it wasn't Saturday night, the music was so good some people decided to line dance.

The park is much fuller than last year at this time, maybe more so than when we left after Christmas. Look at all the people who are seated outside. And even more were inside the ballroom. The folks at the front of the photo are Barbara, Vern and Jane, three of the people who are parked just down the road from us.

Here is the rest of our table, John, Joe and Isabel.

What better way to end an evening in paradise than watching a nearly full moon rise over the Superstition Mountains a a palm tree?

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  1. Wish we were with you if we could just afford health insurance and Donna could retire. Have fun for us. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.