Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

But first, there was Thanksgiving. We joined 1,000 others at the Valle del Oro Thanksgiving pot luck. Most of the seating is in the ballroom and it can be very noisy. So we always try to sign up for a table on the outside edge. This year we were at table 1A. Here are most of the people at the table. Notice, no one is looking at me. That is because I was trying to get John's attention, so you could see him. Everyone is looking at him, also trying to get his attention.

Here are most of the covered dishes we brought to share at our table. They are still covered to keep them warm, as you can see.

We had fun and ate a great meal. But there weren't any leftovers for us. Extra turkey, stuffing and gravy is donated to the Mesa Food Bank. So Friday, I cooked 2 small turkey breasts, dressing and mashed potatoes. We had our own dinner that day and are still eating leftovers.

We also decorated our Christmas tree Friday. Last year we bought a very small tree with lights. So we pulled it out of the box and put on the decorations.

This small train reminds us of all our grandchildren.

These Santas are too heavy to hang on the tiny tree, but they still decorate the room nicely.

I used to have quite a few small nativity scenes. We carry these three with us.

We aren't the only residents who think it is time to put up the Christmas decorations. They are coming out all over the park. Do you really think Santa will slide down this chimney with ease?

Great news! We only have 1 more Christmas gift to buy! Now, if only the Christmas cards were done.


  1. I can't let my husband see that Santa and chimney. I know he'd give anything to have it. You do holidays right. I'm going to have to take your lead. Thanks for a fun post! Eileen

  2. I think you have as many decorations as I do. Good place for the fire extinguisher.