Sunday, June 28, 2015

Talk About Celebrations

Not only have we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary during our time here in Colorado, we had two more celebrations this past week. Our grandson John had his 10th birthday Saturday. Since we couldn't be with him that day, I brought dinner to their house on Thursday and we celebrated with him and his family. And no, he wasn't drinking what you see in that bottle or glass. They belong to his mom.

After dinner, we had chocolate cake. Since he was going to have another cake two days later, we didn't have 10 candles, only one on his piece of cake. Somehow, it was very difficult to blow out that one candle.

We had a really fun evening with our family. It will probably be the last time we see them this trip.

Saturday, John's sister Cindy and her husband John celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and we were able to be with them. My husband John (as you can see, we have lots of John's in our family) gave a blessing to the couple.

Cindy and John were both single parents at the time of their marriage. They have successfully blended their two families--Cindy's four children and John's two--and everyone was together for the celebration.

I was also able to get a photo of Cindy with her sister and brothers. Here are John, Kendal, Cindy and Tim.

This month has provided wonderful opportunities to spend time with family and friends that we rarely see since beginning to travel full time six and a half years ago.

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