Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Wet Colorado Spring

We are impressed at how green and beautiful the Eastern Slope of Colorado is this year. The average rainfall in Denver is 15.7 inches. So far this year in Littleton (where we are parked) there has been 20.56 inches--and it's only early June.

That is why everything is so pretty. Here are two photos taken from Chatfield Lake State Park in the SW Denver suburbs.

All that rain is also the reason Chatfield Lake is so full. These trees are supposed to be growing on dry land. In places, picnic tables are in water almost to the table top. The swim beach is closed and the restrooms there are halfway under water. One of the two boat ramps is closed.

But there are advantages. In addition to everything being green, the wild flowers are blooming all over the park.

It is supposed to rain even more in the next couple of days and there are flash-flood warnings all over the eastern part of the state. I don't think we have anything to worry about, though. The lake is down a few feet from the highest this spring. There is certainly room for a lot more water in the lake basin.

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