Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Looking Up

Our son Doug grew up in Colorado and really loves the mountains. He has spent most of his adult life on Marine Corps bases in deserts, Okinawa and Iraq. He wanted to take his girls to the mountains he misses. We took a drive west to Evergreen. First, we looked for the herd of bison (aka buffalo) that can sometimes be seen in that area. All we found were empty pastures behind strong, high fences.

So we drove to Evergreen Lake. There we had a special treat--a group of cow elk with a couple of calves hanging out in the water!

I was concerned that the cows might get aggressive to keep us away from their young, but we didn't seem to cause them a problem. We did see on Facebook that the day before a man had passed them with his dogs, which really barked at the elk. One cow came out of the water and chased the man and his dogs down the path. Glad that didn't happen to us.

John, Doug and Sami walked on along the lake shore. Rachal wanted to go wading, so I stayed with her. As a child, that is what I wanted to do every time we went to the mountains and found a stream. The water at the edge was very shallow and she liked watching how it flowed over and around her feet. She left distinct footprints in the sand.

The others returned to our location.

Then we were off to High Country Pizza in Evergreen. They make great food.

Mountains, family and good pizza. Could it get any better?

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