Monday, June 22, 2015

Busy, Busy Week

I haven't blogged for over a week because we have been so busy. Our New Hampshire grandchildren and their dad arrived Monday for a nearly week-long visit and the time was capped off by a celebration with family and friends of our 50th wedding anniversary. Now, I am beginning to catch up with the blog. It will take a while.

A week ago, our older son Doug and his daughters, Rachal and Samantha, arrived at Denver International Airport.

After lunch at Pizza Hut, we drove them back to Chatfield State Park. They were staying in the Coleman pop-up camper we bought in 1988.

They could have stayed with our son Eric, but this gave us a chance to see a lot more of them each day. It's kind of amazing they were able to stay in the tent camper. After we used it for 5 years, we sold it to friends. Several years ago, they bought a new RV and sold the Coleman to Eric. It is in pretty good shape for being in use 17 years.

It certainly wasn't difficult to entertain the family. Rachal really enjoys drawing, as well as playing with her phone and other electronics.

Sami and Doug also enjoy their electronics. John, too, at times.

Both girls also enjoyed our Laz-E-Boy chairs.

The visit was a good chance for our four grandchildren to get better acquainted with their cousins.

Tuesday, we had dinner at Eric and Liz's house. It was good to see all our grandchildren together.

Wednesday, they were together in our campsite.

They all had fun on the swings in a nearby play area.

Sami taught Eric a hand trick that will serve him well in his middle school classroom during the school year.

More of the week's activities to come.

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  1. How fun! I guess the cousins, and the brothers, don't see each other that often living a couple thousand miles apart.