Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Great RV Sites

With views like this, who wouldn't like this spot in Cochiti Lake COE Campground west of Santa Fe, NM,

or this in the Whittington Center campground near Raton, NM?

At Cochiti Lake, we only had an electrical hook-up. The web site said to bring 100 feet of hose because the water hookups were shared. We learned that meant we had to string the hose across the road to the water in another site, fill our tank, then roll the hose back up. That wouldn't be bad, except we never use our fresh water tank and we hadn't sanitized it for over a year. We could use the water from it, but had to fill bottles for drinking water. We learned our lesson. And, since we think we had the best site in the whole campground, we will do it again. But we will prepare the tank in advance.

We like our site at Whittington Center. But we learned we will be sharing the area with families of 600 young people participating in a shooting competition over the weekend. We will probably learn we like this campground better in spring and fall, rather than summer.


  1. Hope for the best but be ready for the worst ,is my motto....

  2. I remember being at Cochiti and Tent Rocks quite a few years ago. I enjoyed my time there.

  3. We will be volunteering at Sevilleta NWR come August...looking forward to being out in that area has been way too long.

  4. I wanted to take pictures, but John told me to hide the camera. LOL