Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cleaning Day

We live in a very small house that doesn't require a whole lot of cleaning (though more than I am really interested in doing). But for the past three months we have been parked next to a dirt road that leads to a dirt levee that has been under construction most of that time. So this week we knew we had to wash the outside of the RV. And let me tell you, it needed it. Just take a look at the roof. John took this picture after he had washed about 1/4 of the area.

The top of our RV measures about 35 ft by 8 ft. It took over an hour to scrub it. Whew! Glad that job is done for a while. When John finished the roof, we both worked on the sides. Now it looks loved again.

1 comment:

  1. its amazing how a bit of water and elbow grease can make it look brand new. Eric cleaned the outside of ours last week, now it is in the pole barn until November!