Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ordinary Days and Good Food

The last couple of days have been devoted to ordinary things. Yesterday we took the RV to Camping World to have the bearings packed and brakes checked.

We had no trouble getting an appointment--all the Winter Texans have flown north and Camping World was almost deserted. They said it would take two to two and a half hours and the work was done in exactly two hours. How good is that?

Today I had my teeth cleaned. Advice for people living on the road: when you get dental x-rays, get digital or film copies and carry them with you. It was impossible to get my teeth cleaned here without having x-rays taken or showing them a copy of the ones done in November. I told the dentist today it was easier to get medical care than to get my teeth cleaned. (Glad I had the previous dentist's office email the digital copies to me.)

After all this mundane focus, we were out to lunch at the 492 BBQ in Palmview.

It is located in a building that was first a house.

We really enjoyed the chopped brisket sandwich, slaw and fries. The sandwich roll was huge and the BBQ brisket good.


  1. we will need to check out the 492 next year! looks sooooo good!

  2. Your bun looks oversized. At least your fries were not super sized. My pet peeve is how they often serve an inappropriate amount of fries in restaurants. They ususally are not that good.
    Only in Belgium are fries good enought to want more.

    I imagine the little spring maintenance on your RV is a lot less expensive than the spring maintenance on a house.

  3. Looks good ,made me hungry..