Monday, April 23, 2012

A Little Hail...A Lot of Headaches

This morning we took the truck in for a new windshield.  Mission accomplished.  Then we stopped at a Dent Medic place.  They looked at the dents in the hood, looked at the rest of the truck, and said we had $1375 worth of damage.  We said we would think about it, then asked how soon they could fix it.  Not till the first or second week of May.  We leave May 1.

We returned to the RV and John looked closely at the roof of the trailer.  The cover on the skylight above the shower is broken.  So I called to get estimates on that repair.  All of this also required that I carefully read our insurance policies.  Not something that I really enjoy doing.  

Then I called our auto insurance company to report the truck body damage.  That was a 15 minute phone call.  We will get an inspection of the damage done when we go through Colorado on our way to Alaska.  Then they will issue a check, less our $500 deductible.  

I guess we are lucky.  No broken windows and the RV roof is intact.

But who would have guessed that our brief hailstorm would result in at least $2,000 of damage?  I guess that is why we carry insurance.

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