Monday, April 16, 2012

Cold Front

For the past few mornings, it has been 76 degrees when we wake up in the morning. Yesterday the temperature was into the low 90s in the afternoon. And the humidity is high--the weather forecast says "muggy." Last night the TV news weather warned of a strong cold front coming in. That, combined with the hot, muggy air, would produce thunderstorms.

We know that the central part of the U.S. has experienced horrible weather, with over a hundred tornadoes during the past couple of days. So, it sounds like we should take this local weather report seriously.

With a strong cold front coming through, we wondered if we should dig out our long johns, or at least put the heavier comforter on the bed. What do you think? After all, the morning low tomorrow is supposed to be 72.

As I write this, at 7:50 pm Central time, the temperature is 74, the humidity 87%. (Yes, we did get a short, hard rain. That was all.)

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  1. As we can not control the weather I just stopped wasting energy on the subject and take it as it goes.
    Good Luck