Monday, April 09, 2012

Turtle Hospital

During our time on South Padre Island, we visited the hospital for injured sea turtles.

This facility nurses injured sea turtles and attempts to return them to the wild. If that is not possible, they provide a tank for them to live in. To learn more about Sea Turtle Inc, click here.

We watched staff and/or volunteers remove this turtle from its tank. If you look closely, you can see the prostheses the turtle wears two hours a day, learning to swim with it replacing a missing flipper.

After removing the prostheses, the turtle is transported back to its tank.

This is the walkway leading to the turtle hospital.

Here is a similar turtle (or the same one), swimming in its tank.

There were a number of children there when we visited. They really enjoyed the tanks where they could see all sides of the turtle.

We were amazed at how many turtles are injured at sea, often by debris in the water or fishing nets.

The next morning, before leaving the island, we went out for our run. We saw the sun rising through these palm trees.

And over the water. These two photos show the same sun from essentially the same viewpoint, ll minutes apart. I just changed the camera settings.

On our first trip to the beach a day earlier, we saw this line of some kind of ducks fly over. Amazing.

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  1. I found the information on Turtle rescue. They are so vulnerable at times. We have them come out on the road at certain times of the years. Our latest highway has tunnels and bridges for wildlife to cross. I hope they are successful at improving animal migrations.