Monday, August 22, 2011

Cat People

We are cat people. Yes, we like cats. We love cats. We miss our two darling cats, who both died in the past year. But that isn't what I mean when I say we are cat people. Cats like routine; they don't like change; they like lots of quiet. So do we, especially routine.

And what is our routine? John wakes up early, turns on the coffee, surfs the internet, reads blogs. I wake up an hour or more later, veg out with my coffee. Then we read the Bible and pray. Next comes exercise--a walk or run one day, weight training the next. Then we go about the business of our day, whether that is volunteer work or travel or playing tourist. Most often, by 3 pm we are settled back at home. Soon it is cocktail time--either a glass of juice or a mixed drink. We watch the 4 pm Bret Baier program on Fox News--perhaps recording it on the DVR and watching it a little later. During that time I prepare dinner and we eat about 5 pm. In the evening I surf the internet, read blogs, then read a book. John watches some TV, then goes to be early.

Such a routine. How do we do it and lead our gypsy life-style? Our routine goes with us, wherever we park our home. Usually, only volunteer work that lasts till 4 or 5 pm or later interferes with this routine.

All of this explains why we were so exhausted Sunday when we returned home. Thursday evening we had company; Friday and Saturday we were busy with family and friends and we weren't at home. Our routine totally went out the window. Don't get me wrong. We really enjoyed all of these events. It is times like this that enrich our lives and provide experiences and memories that will last for years. However, on the whole it is routine that old f #*%& (old folks) like us prefer.

After all, we are cat people.


  1. Know exactly what you mean. That is why camp hosting wasn't for us since the busiest part of our work day was in the evening, when we just wanted to take a shower, kick back and relax with a glass of wine, read or watch TV, etc. Funny how we miss those routines when they get broken.

  2. I love cats too. I remember "finding" my first cat. Walking around the block with my mom just before my 4th birthday, we found a stray that followed us down the street. Long story short, we posted signs but no one ever claimed him. So he became mine. Yes, we had his birthday on mine (as we didn't know his real one). Sadly we had to put him down about 2 years ago (vet thinks it was a brain tumor). He was the only cat I've ever seen that would let you give him a bath without fighting it.