Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back Home

Home--we are so glad to be back here after two weeks away. We travel more than most people we know, but we are always at home. Everything we need and almost everything we own is right here in our small home on wheels. Our clothes, our books, all our electronic gadgets, our chairs, our bed, our food.

But two weeks ago we left our home and drove to Littleton, where we spent the night with our son Eric and his family. The next day we got on an airplane (what a hassle that is) and flew to New Hampshire to spend 11 nights with our son Doug and his family when he had surgery. Friday we flew back to Colorado (did I tell you what a hassle airline travel is?) where we spent two nights enjoying family and attending my 50th high school reunion. More about all of that later.

Now we are back home. It is so much easier to pull our RV home from place to place than to pack what we need and live out of a suitcase. What do we need? What will we forget? How many items do I need to purchase in 3 oz quantities?

Did I tell you how glad we are to be home?

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