Monday, March 28, 2011

We're Off to Tucson

We have finished our volunteer assignment at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument and this morning we drove out the gates, headed for Tucson. We drove no more than 55-60 miles to Justin's Diamond J RV Park, just south of the city. We had read good reviews of the park in blogs we follow and at RV Park Reviews, a web site that we find very helpful when choosing where to stay. Our site is large, but we will wait to see how we feel about this spot.

We enjoyed our time at the monument, especially the opportunity to lead tours. We both became very interested in the story of the Hohokam culture that developed there between 300 and 1450 AD. It was fun to share that with visitors.

We also enjoyed worshiping at St. Michael's Episcopal Church in Coolidge. We have developed a friendship with Fr. Bob Kley, the priest in charge there, and so John was able to participate in the service, con-celebrating each week, preaching, and serving as chief celebrant twice. That was a real blessing for him, and for me. Probably the only thing I have missed in retirement was his leading our worship in church each week.

Yesterday, was John's last time to celebrate this year.

Afterward, we had lunch at Mt. Athos Restaurant in Florence with Bob. Our waitress took our photo in front of the photo of Mount Athos in Greece.

During our drive to Justin's today, Cairn (the name we have given our GPS), directed us to turn on Ajo Road, pronounced Aah-Jo (as in Josephine). After saying that several times, she finally got it right, Aah-ho. How did the computerized voice realize it was wrong? Often, she says Bull-ee-vard for the word Boulevard. We need to translate at times.


  1. Travel safely and well. You will be missed; you are a blessing to us and to me. Bob Kley

  2. mah GPS instructs me to turn "raght" and "lift" and needs to blow his nose!