Monday, March 14, 2011

Social Time

There are six RV spots for volunteers here at the Monument. We have a lot of contact with the others living here and sometimes get together to share a meal. Early in April we met at the local Elks Lodge for their prime rib dinner. The food was good, though it took a long time to be served. This is our group.

A few days later Don, one of the volunteers, deep fried some crappie he had in his freezer--he does a lot of fishing during the summer.

See all the empty plates? We ate everything up really fast.

Late last week, the regular staff of the Monument hosted a cookout to thank all of the volunteers. That included those of us who live on the grounds and others from the community who come in to give of their time. Carol, the chief ranger, provided the margaritas.

As soon as everyone arrived, we all traipsed over to the Casa Grande sign for the annual staff photo.

It took a while for us to arrange ourselves for the photo.

Then we went through the serving line, picking up salad, baked beans, fresh corn on the cob, and BBQ brisket. There was plenty to eat and everything was good. Later they put out the desserts. They were delicious.

Last week's gathering may be our last social get together here this year. Two couples have already left and another is pulling out on Saturday. That's what happens when you spend time with a lot of snow birds. They fly away when the temperature gets up into the high 80s.


  1. We tried to volunteer but found out that we had to be USA Citizens to get the job...

  2. Gosh, where has the winter gone?