Thursday, March 31, 2011

Home Improvements

For way more than a year, the kitchen faucet hasn't been working correctly. It was supposed to swivel from one sink to another, but if we did that, it leaked. Finally, during our last week in Coolidge, we bought a new faucet. Thursday John installed it. This is the sort of work he hates. He was sure the job would take hours and hours and maybe require a call to an RV technician. But here it is. It moves easily. Hopefully, it won't leak. And the job only took an hour. And here is a very happy John, showing off his handiwork.
Back in February, we had screens installed on the windows of the main living area in the RV. They really help cut the heat from the sun shining there. We can see out, rather than having to cover the windows with foil during the heat of the day. However, they also really cut down on the light indoors. The screens have to be removed when we travel, and we are enjoying the bright interior. In the future, we will probably only put them on one side of the trailer, where the afternoon sun shines, during long stays. It is too much trouble to put them up for just a few days.

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