Thursday, May 03, 2018


We made our third visit to the Tinkertown Museum during our time in Albuquerque. We have come to this town many times over our years RVing and the museum is such a treat. Ross Ward was a sign painter who carved between sign painting jobs. He established the museum to house and show off his carvings. Over 40 years he carved and collected and filled 22 rooms. In 1996 we saw the museum on CBS and soon after made our first visit.

There is no way you can absorb the collection, no matter how long you spend in the museum. Here are a few of the things we saw.

This wall filled with bottles surrounds the museum grounds.

From the parking lot you get a feel for the things inside.

Throughout the museum there are sayings that demonstrate Ward's outlook on life.

Ward's whimsical carvings show off his talent and his view on life. He recreated the details of old-time life.

Ward loved the circus. He helped prepare exhibits for the Circus Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin, and was a member of the circus carving association.

Look at these carvings of Emmett Kelly and other circus clowns.

I reallyappreciated this carving of a horse-drawn hearse.

The museum includes collections of many different subjects. Did any of you have story-book dolls? I did. One of my dolls looked that this young lady. I wish I could remember her name.

John and I took a total of 60+ photos during our visit to Tinkertown. We used to make doll houses for our granddaughters and really enjoy miniatures. It was a fun visit.

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