Friday, May 04, 2018

Old Town Albuquerque

Old Town Albuquerque is a photographer's dream. So many interesting buildings and views. Originally established in 1706, the town celebrated its 300th anniversary 12 years ago. For the United States, that is really old. The entrance we went through is newly decorated but I don't know if the wall is a recent addition or part of the original settlement.

On one side of the town square we saw the church of San Felipe de Neri, the oldest New Mexico church still used for worship, one sign said.

This is the high altar in the church.

Buildings now housing shops and studios are arranged around small open areas.

This is an interesting front door.

And another one.

I'll bet this restaurant features strolling mariachi singers.

It might be difficult to read the electric meter at this house.

We didn't buy anything in the shops but we did enjoy walking around the area.  The last time we were in Old Town, we felt it was run down.  It seems to be in much better shape now.

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