Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Enjoying Gallup Culture and Crafts

It was really windy in Gallup during our stay here. In fact, the wind is blowing all over northern Arizona and New Mexico and Colorado. Yesterday we looked for an indoor activity to avoid the wind. We visited the Cultural Center downtown, filled with exhibits by the Southwest Indian Foundation in the renovated railroad station. We enjoyed learning about many of the artistic crafts created in this area.

I was interested in this weaving exhibit.  Look at how many threads must be strung before the weaving can begin.  I can't imagine how much work goes into weaving a blanket or rug.

We saw many different clay pots made in this area.

Local Navajos have made incredible silver jewelry in this area for many, many years.  This photo shows one of them working in their Hogan to create beautiful items.

We also saw beaded items.

Sand paintings are very detailed and must take a lot of time.  They are amazing.

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