Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Scenes from Santa Fe

We have all heard of the Santa Fe Trail, a well-traveled route between Independence, MO, and Santa Fe in the mid-1800s. New Mexico had first been settled by the Spanish in the 1600s and finally became a US territory in 1850. Parts of the city of Santa Fe are very old. We love looking around the Plaza there.

Probably the oldest part of town surrounds the San Miguel Church, established in 1610.

We were there on Sunday and the Native American vendors at the Inn of the Governors had many visitors. The park in the center of the plaza had lots of visitors.

Small courtyards can be found around the square with numerous vendors.  Many of their wares are very colorful.

These driftwood angels are clever.

Two more courtyards.

In England--at least when we there years ago--these men would be called buskers.  I guess in this country they are street entertainers.

The plaza area has a new side, as well.

This fountain is in the Cathedral Park surrounding the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.

The cathedral anchors one of the streets going into the plaza.

The doorman at La Fonda Hotel on the plaza.

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