Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Walk Around the Lake

We wanted an interesting place to do our daily 10,000 steps, so one day we returned to Evergreen Lake, where we saw the elk when our son Doug and his girls came to visit. There is a path all around the lake and we walked around, both ways.

The small lake was built by the City of Denver as part of Denver's mountain parks. It is very picturesque.

Most of the trail is gravel on the side of the lake. One section is a boardwalk over wetlands.

We saw lots of people on paddle boards and others fishing.

There were other small water craft out there, too.

Many homes have been built on the slopes above the lake.

We couldn't see all of them, but we did see some long sets of stairs some had built into the hillside.

One yard had this gate. Someone must have a real sense of humor.

In the first photo below, you see how the lake seems to just stop or disappear. We wondered what was happening there.

Then we saw the waterfall over the lake's dam.

The path took us to the bottom of the dam, where we saw this statue.

We enjoyed our walk in this beautiful spot just outside the Denver metro area.

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