Saturday, July 11, 2015

Great Place to Stay

There are two RV campgrounds in Creede. We have stayed twice at Mountain Views RV right in Creede. It is very nice and overlooks the town itself. But it is all gravel and very uninteresting. For this two-week stay, we decided to try Antlers Ranch, a restaurant, resort and RV campground. It is 5 miles out of town.

This is the entrance.

And this is our RV site.

Even the drive through the resort to the campground is interesting.

The Rio Grande River runs right through the resort and has a bridge to reach the other side of the river. You can see the restaurant across the river.

There is a pond that is stocked for fishing.

We are at nearly 9,000 ft elevation here and the wildflowers are beautiful. These are two hillsides we see as we take our daily walks.