Tuesday, July 14, 2015

This Is a Fun Place to Visit

The year-round population of Creede, Colorado, is 290 people, split just about half and half men and women. The median age is 52. In the summer, the population blossoms with tourists who like to fish and/or escape the summer heat by spending time at 8700 feet in the Colorado Rockies. Many of the summer residents, perhaps 50 to 60%, are from Texas.

Creede is interesting to visit and shop. There are hanging baskets of flowers all over on Main Street.

One of the shops in town has lots of gift items, including a lot of natural wood decorations. This photo is taken from the stairway to the second floor. You can see the items for sale down below.

Here are two of the tree roots that have been made into decorations, as well as a bowl turned from a burl.

An empty lot has been turned into a small park.

The facades of many of the old buildings have been restored.

There was a neat old Ford truck parked in town.

This land across Willow Creek, leading to the area where the Woodcarvers Rendezvous is being held, was really spruced up.

These two boys had the boat and paddle, but they weren't on the creek.

Obviously, the nearby pond is used for ice skating and hockey during the winter.

The county courthouses in Texas are very ornate, often with a dome on top. Courthouse square is always an attractive place. I am sure the many Texans visiting Creede are very disappointed in the Mineral County Courthouse in Creede. There is no courthouse square here.


  1. It sure looks nice,especially the hanging flower baskets.

  2. A comment made about Texas when we visited many years ago. I had a Texas shirt on when we went in to a restaurant and the waitress said, "you are brave wearing that shirt in Colorado." Now you say how many Texans are there...and the town looks a lot better for it!!! They did not like the fact Texans were buying up all their land.