Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Odds and Ends #1

You have heard of horse whisperers, I imagine. They don't have any horses here at the Antlers Rio Grande Lodge and Restaurant, but they do have sheep and one goat.

John said he was a goat whisperer. Oh really? was my response.

Now, every time we pass the goat and sheep pen, John has to stop by and say hello. And the nanny goat seems to talk to him, too. She even sticks out her head to be petted. Maybe he really is a goat whisperer.

We pass this pond several times each day as we come and go from our resort and as we take our walks. Often it is a beautiful reflecting pool.

Sometimes we see a mother duck and her three ducklings. You might try clicking on this photo to get a better look at these cute little ducks.

We drove to Lake City one day and when we were enjoying an art gallery, John pointed out this group of photographs. (Robinson is my maiden name.) Unfortunately, they are not my work.

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