Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What a Month

What a month it has been. One month ago tomorrow, we saw our new RV on the assembly line at the DRV factory in Indiana. We were very excited about what we saw. And we really doubted he was telling us the truth when the production manager said it would be at least 2 weeks before the trailer was done. "You've got to be kidding" we thought. What more is there to do? It had to go out for painting, for one thing.

Go forward two weeks. We contacted our dealer in Kansas, who contacted DRV in Indiana. He was told the RV should be back from Mor-ryde (where the suspension was being balanced or adjusted) by the end of the week. Then there would be another week of final details at the factory.

On Friday, Oct. 11, we again inquired about the delivery date and were told it was on its way to Chanute, Kansas, from Howe, Indiana. We could come to the dealership on Tuesday and it should be ready then. We had been hanging out in Peculiar, MO, near Kansas City, doing genealogy research, playing tourist and seeing family.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we spent in Iola, Kansas, just north of Chanute. The park only costs $11 a night with our Passport America discount, so it was very inexpensive. There we relaxed, planned and toured the small town. We drove to Chanute on Monday (leaving our trailer in Iola)and were able to go in the finished rig--without the slides being extended. We were told we could probably do our walk-through Wednesday, then begin moving into the new RV. We were getting everything ready for the short move when we received a call saying the DRV techs found that the black tank dump valve was broken. A new part would be sent overnight from Indiana, but the trailer wouldn't be ready by this afternoon. We decided to come to Chanute anyway.

After setting up in the Santa Fe Campground in Chanute (first 2 nights are free, after that it is $10 a night), we went to the factory and learned it could be as late as Monday when the RV was ready for us. Since we are so glad they found the trouble with the black tank dump valve, we decided to settle down and enjoy the area. It would have been extremely difficult if we discoved this problem as we were driving to Arizona. Who knows what it would have taken to get it repaired then.

You can imagine how delighted we were when the phone rang just before 3 pm, telling us to come in at 8 am for our walk through. After that, we sign some papers, then we begin to move from one 5th wheel to the other. Whoopee!!!

When we get moved in and catch our breath, I will post lots of pictures of our new home.


  1. Feeling your enthusiasm -good luck with the new toy...

  2. Hope you have all the luck in the world with your new RVm John check it over good, like any thing new it will have some bugs. Hope to see you out there one of these days. Sam & Donna.....