Sunday, October 20, 2013

Traveling West

We are driving west from Kansas to Arizona. We have been on interstate highways most of the past two days and we will remain on I-40 till we reach Holbrook, AZ. When you travel the interstates, rest areas are very important. We saw only two in Oklahoma and one was about 5 miles from the the state border. But a little later, we came to one that you could get excited about, just looking at it. Guess what state it is in.

Does this help?

Well, if you haven't figured it out, you get one more hint.

That's right, we are in Texas. Only for about 200 miles or so. I-40 crosses the Texas panhandle, the only manageable road in the state.

Thanks to all of my readers who commented on our new RV. We appreciate hearing from you.


  1. I think it was Oklahoma that had a rest area that cracked me up. They had a dog walk with a fire hydrant marked 'city dogs' and something else marked 'country dogs'. I don't think it was a tree, but something like that. I don't remember. Signs of old age.

  2. I looked it up in my pictures. It was a tree stump. I guess they didn't want the dogs killing a live tree.

  3. we will be on that road in mid Nov.. love the rest stops!

  4. Your RV certainly is grand. I thought your old one was pretty nice and I know you did some altering to it that must have personalized it for you. I must say RV's always remind me of the red neck joke, "You know you are a red neck when you wealthiest relative lives in a house on wheels."