Saturday, October 19, 2013

Goodbye to the Old, Hello to the New

Finally, Thursday we took possession of our new 2014 Mobile Suites 5th wheel trailer. We went in to Kansas RV Center at 8 am, signed the papers, and were given a 2-hour walk-through of the unit. That is the best orientation we have ever had when buying a new RV. Then, we backed our truck into the dealer's garage and they helped us hook-up. Here we are, ready to pull it for the first time.

We drove it about 2 blocks to the Chanute, Kansas, Santa Fe Campground. Our first time unhooking.

Our 2009 Montana was parked there, too, and we began moving all our worldly possessions (except for a few boxes and file cabinets in Colorado) from one unit to the other. Ugh. Hard work. We called the dealer twice Thursday and Friday with minor problems and they sent technicians out to correct the problems. About 1 pm Friday, after the second visit, they hooked up a truck to the Montana and pulled it back to their shop. That was sort of a sad event. We loved that trailer and spent our first 5 years of full-timing in it. We have been to the Canadian Maritime Provinces, Alaska and the US East Coast in that RV. But we are delighted with the new one.

Moving belongings and stowing them away is a big task. We were in a mess most of the time.

Finally, by bedtime last night, things were pretty decent and almost everything had been put away somewhere. Now the task is to find it when we need it.

This 46 inch TV is a bit overwhelming when our chairs sit only 6 and 10 feet away.

What do we love about our new home? There are lots of things. One, it is very pretty. Two, it is a little over 2 feet shorter than the old one. Three, it is built much better than the Montana.

But two things , while not deal-breakers, are certainly high on the list of great things. First is this control panel.

We have 6-point automatic leveling. I have always been in charge of getting the trailer level. Now, all I have to do is push one button to raise the front of the RV so we can unhitch, then another to level. Then we just stand back and watch it go up and down, side to side until it is level. No more driving up on boards on one side or the other, checking the level and often doing it again, then lowering the front till we are level front to back, then putting out boards and putting down the rear stabilizers. It's wonderful!!! And it saves us a lot of time.

If you look back at the photo when we had things put away, and you are familiar with the standard RV day-night shades, you will notice that we don't have those. These shades have one shade that acts as a sun screen and another (the white ones you see in that photo) that blocks out the light and provides privacy at night. All it takes to put them back up is give it a little tug and it rolls itself back up.

Something else I like is the 4-door refrigerator-freezer. It has nearly twice the space of the old one did. And the shelves have small barriers to keep things from sliding off during travel.

Tonight, we are parked in Oklahoma City, enroute for Mesa, AZ. Ain't it purdy? And it pulls really great, too.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS,It looks fantastic,wish you to enjoy it at least as you enjoyed the Montana.

  2. Wow Congrats! looks beautiful. wishing you years of fun, comfort and good memories in your new home.

  3. That is one fine looking rig. Enjoy!

  4. A very nice rig, for sure!

  5. I do like the stainless steel sinks.

  6. How long before you fill up that huge refrigerator? That leveling system is really cool. Congratulations, again. See you in Mesa!

  7. Congratulations on your new home! I hope it is every bit as wonderful as the Montana was!

    I am glad to hear your Montana was good for 5 years, we are just over one year in our Montana. The 2013 Montana come with the same auto level system you now have. We love the levelers!

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  8. Very nice RV! I like the comparison between the Mobile Suites and the Montana. Hope you enjoy it for years and years. Looks like you started out FT about 4-5 months before we did. We are enjoying it still.