Saturday, August 19, 2017

Colorado at it's Best

We were both born and raised in Colorado and have lived in various parts of the state for most of our lives. This summer we left our winter home in Arizona and drove to the East Coast and back. But nowhere have we seen mountains like the Colorado Rockies. After spending 6 weeks in the Denver metro area, Friday we turned our truck and trailer west on I-70, headed for the Western Slope. We rarely drive over 200 miles a day so a stop was planned for Silt--about 190 miles from Cherry Creek State Park. We will stay here for 4 nights so when we check in to Ridgeway State Park we can stay till Labor Day. The trip took us from an elevation of just over 5,000 ft. to the Eisenhower Tunnel at 11,013 ft. and over 11,000 foot Vail Pass. The scenery on the way was great.

See what I mean about it being the best of Colorado? Eisenhower Tunnel was completed in 1973, providing a safer and quicker route over (or under) the Continental Divide. It is impressive.

Coming out the other side, we passed by condos in Dillon, more great mountain views and Dillon Reservoir. This year the water is fairly high in the reservoir.


I had never seen a sign like this. I think it indicates there is a runaway truck ramp coming up so the driver shouldn't try to exit onto nearby Loveland Pass. I'm not sure.

The scenery just kept getting better. First we saw some red rock formations.

Then we headed into Glenwood Canyon. This canyon has stunning rock walls. The highway here was constructed so as little of the rock was removed as possible. The only way to really appreciate the efforts they took is to ride the Amtrak train on the other side of the Colorado River or walk or bike on the trail along the highway. We were pulling our Airstream so I can only use words to describe the road. In places the lanes in one direction are built above those going the other way. That way they didn't have to widen the roadway from the old two-way route along the river.

When I was a child my family came to Glenwood Springs for our annual week-long vacation every August. We have come here with friends--both by car and by train--and brought our 2 sons here. We really aren't into swimming pools today so we will skip some very expensive time in the huge hot springs pool. But the entrance fee is worth it if you have children or have not been there before.

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