Monday, July 10, 2017

The Scenic Route

We left our winter home April 18.  Since last summer John had known he was going to officiate at the wedding of our great niece Sarah and Jay.  The wedding was scheduled for Colorado Springs, a mere 754 miles away.  So why did we drive 6,600 miles and stay in 32 different campgrounds to get there?

We certainly took the scenic route.  We made memorable visits to Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Washington, DC,  and New York City.  We spent time in New Hampshire when Doug graduated from Nashua Community College.  We also completed our bucket list of sleeping in every mainland state in the US, picking up Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island.  Yea!

After going just about as far east in the country as we could (without going to Florida), we turned around and headed for Colorado and the wedding.

Now we have 8 weeks to relax in 4 different Colorado State Parks before heading south to Arizona for the winter.  We are enjoying this slower, more relaxing pace.  John is carving.  I am sanding on a a bowl I turned and a scroll saw project that I need to complete.  And we get to connect with family and friends.

It almost feels like we are on vacation.  We enjoy traveling in our trailer, rather than staying in motels when we getting somewhere.  But RV travel is even more fun when we can do it slowly, spending extended time wherever we park.

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  1. Congrats on completing your sleeping in 49 states. I guess I've done that, although Alaska wasn't in the rig and you're the Alaska experts. ;-D