Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Sunshine and Rain

We all know that "into each life some rain must fall." Life is always full of both sunshine and rain. The main reason we came to the Colorado Springs area was so John could officiate at the marriage of our great niece Sarah. The rehearsal was Saturday at her parents' home.

The wedding was late Sunday afternoon in a garden near downtown Colorado Springs. Here is the wedding party. Don't they look snazzy?

While waiting for the wedding to start, I had time to check out the area where the reception would be held.  The cake topper here was first used by John's grandparents when they married.  Both of John's sisters had the topper on their wedding cake.  We did, too.  I'm not sure about John's brother or the other nieces and nephews.  But it really is a meaningful historical item in our family.

Sarah likes pie more than cake so these beautiful pies were being served at the reception.  They had been baked by her aunt, wife of her dad's brother.

Sarah and Jay recited their vows under this pine-festooned arch with the mountains in the background.

And here the happy couple leaves the ceremony with big smiles on their faces.

But it's not all sunshine around here.  Sarah's grandmother, Kendal, who is John's sister, has been undergoing treatment for cancer and Friday she suffered a stroke.  We visited her in the hospital today.  The four siblings, Tim, Kendal, John and Cindy, were all together in the hospital room.  As if that wasn't enough rain, brother Tim is having surgery tomorrow because of a brain aneurism.

We never know what the future will bring but when we see a new family begin in a marriage, we know life and the family will go on, even as the older--much older--generation faces difficult times.

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  1. Sorry to hear that John's siblings are having problems. That's amazing about the cake topper. What a wonderful heirloom!